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2012 Advertising Rate Sheet
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Thank you for your interest in Tigress Magazine. Tigress Magazine is a complimentary, monthly publication that is formulated for our targeted audience of women from ages 18 to 50, and the men who love to read about them. Tigress Magazine is currently the fastest moving “Free” publication in the state of Rhode Island.

Tigress Magazine highlights local women, local men and local businesses. Tigress Magazine features articles about many topics that interest women; from health, fashion, entertainment and beauty to finance, children, pets and romance. Our premier issue launched October 2011, with thousands of free magazines distributed throughout Rhode Island. Tigress Magazine is the talk of the town in many salons, gyms, workplaces, restaurants and anywhere women gather! The distribution for Tigress Magazine by Mid-State Delivery and Cruze Distribution includes all of the local Stop n Shops, Shaw's, BankRI, coffeehouses, salons, fashion boutiques, law and doctor offices, restaurants, cafes, pubs and clubs.

Tigress Magazine is now ONLINE! tigressmagazine.com is a visually beautiful and a reader-friendly, interactive webpage. Our webpage is linked to the Tigress Magazine Facebook Page for even more views! The latest edition of Tigress Magazine with all the current articles and advertisements can be read online. Readers can also access archived articles from previous issues. As an advertiser in Tigress Magazine, you get Triple MEDIA Exposure value for your advertising dollars!

Print (Free Tigress Magazine), Tigress Magazine Webpage, Tigress Magazine Facebook Page!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or email us. Again, thank you for seeing how fresh and unique Tigress Magazine is and how our publication’s low advertising rates can suit your advertising budget!